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Vaginal Birth After C-Section|What you need to know!

Vaginal Birth After C-Section|What you need to know!

Its important to have a birth plan ahead of your due date. Which is one of those things my Obstetrician brought up on my last visit. During this visit my mind was set on a having a VBAC however a few weeks down the line after watching a few delivery videos I started toying with the idea of a second c section. I was basically sat on the fence on which is the way forward mainly because during my first scan a fibroid was discovered & I thought maybe a c section would be an ideal opportunity deliver my baby and also have it taken out.

First forward to my recent midwife visit which was mainly scheduled to purely discuss the main points to note about having a VBAC and compare it to a C-Section Procedure.

I loved the fact that my midwife was so calming in the way she handled the whole visits and took me through the key points that made me arrive to my decision; And also prepared me to have an open mind in case  on the day things don't go according to plan.

Benefits of VBAC :

  • Shorter stay in hospital

  • Fewer problems with breathing for your newborn.

  • Fewer potential complications (I had an infection a week after we got discharged on my wound)

  • No restrictions on driving (This way Aiden’s routine isn't hugely affected)

  • Chances of an uncomplicated normal birth in future increases.

  • Less abdominal pain after birth ( I was in agony after my first c-section)

Risks of a VBAC

  • Need of an emergency C-Section delivery. Sometimes labour doesn't progress as expected.

  • Bleeding or infection of the uterus (Both are uncommon but VBAC delivery has an increased chance of either happening)

  • Caesarean section scar  weakening or rupture.

Benefits of an elective repeat Caesarean section

  • Less risk of scar dehiscence or rupture.

  • A very small reduction in risk of still birth or brain damages as a result f oxygen insufficiency. In comparison to a VBAC which carries a very small extra risk of a still birth 2 to 3 out of 10,000 women.

Risks of a repeat elective cesarean section 

  • A longer & possibly more difficult operation.

  • Higher chance of a blood clot (thrombosis)

  • Post-operative abdominal pain and discomfort

  • A need for elective caesarean delivery in future pregnancies

  • Risks brought about by anaesthetic 

  • Death of the mother though extremely rare chances are higher in a c-section.

  • Problems in breathing for your baby (doesn't last long).

What makes VBAC less likely to be  successful?

  • If you have never had a vaginal delivery

  • If you need to be induced.

  • If you needed your previous caesarean for failure to progress.

  • If you are overweight.

A VBAC could be quite risky if you have had any of the following.

A previos uterine rapture

Three or more previous c-section deliveries.

Classical (top-to-bottom scar on the uterus after caesarean, rather than lower segment (across ways).

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