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Hi guys,

Sorry for the long hiatus, I am sure you all understand I had baby Ruby to look after and also heal from my surgery.

Let’s be real for a minute though, whilst pregnant with Ruby, my abdomen muscles took a MAJOR hit. Baby girl was long, my muscles stretched beyond my imagination! on top of that, I had to have a C-Section! 

I’m sure I am not the only mum or mum to be in this position & so here is what I have been using to help me get my abs back!  Exercise is top on the list! However its easier said than done especially with toddler and an infant. On days I don’t get a chance to workout I ensure I am wearing something to help. Besides I have spent 9 whole months pregnant & I believe my body deserves the best after care. 

I managed to purchase a C- Panty from @stressnomore that helped with my healing in the early weeks post my surgery! I loved these pants as they really helped with my abdominal pains in the first few weeks, wound healing and if you have had a cesarean section before you know how painful it is when the flabby skin jiggles around when you make any movement and worse off when you cough! Dear Lord the pain when you cough is so intense! The pants were great! I actually regret not purchasing them before Ruby was born, then I would have worn them from day 1 post birth.

The high waist C-Panty

The silicon panel on the c-panty did help with my scar not generating too much skin as it healed Which is amazing compared to when I had my first cesarean section I hated the sight of the wound.

3 months down the  line I am currently using their SRC health recovery shorts that are Designed to speed up post pregnancy recovery; whether after a caesarean section or vaginal birth.

 These shorts are Made from breathable materials to keep you comfortable, dry and cool even in warmer climates which I can attest to as I have slept in them overnight in the summer heat!

Taking a stroll in my SRC Health Care Shorts, Use code “STYLE15” to get money off!

The shorts have the ability to improve mobility and pelvic muscle function whilst Anatomical support panels deliver targeted compression to treat conditions such as perineal wounds and diastasis of rectus abdominis muscles which is very common in many women post pregnancy. I can’t speak for perennial wounds as I had a Caesarean Section however I know from fellow mums it’s one of the most painful issues encountered post natural delivery.

If you are looking for a little treat post pregnancy (with you totally deserve). I encourage you to visit www.stressnomore.co.uk website!
If you are not comfortable with wearing them visible, you can wear them under clothing and it’s definitely going to give you that hourglass silhouette.

The only struggle I found to them is putting them on after adding a couple of pounds might be tricky. However on the brighter side, they do stretch quite a lot.

@stressnomore provided a discount code for my followers “STYLE15” and you can get money off any items off their website! 

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