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Read My Lips! | Stepping Up My Lip Game

Read My Lips! | Stepping Up My Lip Game

Hello fam!

First off I hope you are enjoying my beauty blogs and make up videos. On a side note, I always encourage my followers that make up for me isn’t a way to hide my flaws but a way to enhance my natural beauty!

I am that girl who has fuller lips and always shy away from bold colours, however adding that beauty influencer title on my instagram has ignited that don’t care attitude of its not what others think about me, its how I embody various looks with style and grace!

I applied on a gifted campaign recently with Illamasqua to try out their range of lipsticks and even though a part of me was a bit scared.

6 lippies, 2 lip liners later and of course they selected amazing shades that they definitely suited my skin tone perfectly. Nude Lippies Looked scary at first but I promise you I managed to play around with all the shades and they definitely have a colour for every skin tone!

Overall I was impressed by all the colours my most favourite shades being Soaked and Box. Their lip liner “feisty” impressed me the most as it was so moisturising and striking at the same time. Pigment in all of them was amazing I have no qualms there! I did receive a mixture of mattes and satin, I loved the satin texture the most .

Below are pics of the different shades please note I have not edited my lips therefore thats the colour as it appears on my skin tone.

I also uploaded a video on instagram of the same

Eylure's Cashmere False Lashes

Eylure's Cashmere False Lashes