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How Obstetric Cholestasis Changed Our Birth Plan!

How Obstetric Cholestasis Changed Our Birth Plan!

The weeks leading to the birth of our child, were filled with a roller coaster of emotions. Sleepless nights mostly for me as I couldn’t get comfortable enough on our bed. The days felt like they had 48 Hours and the nights were spent with trips to the toilet accompanied by aches on my poor hips that were struggling to accommodate my 12 stone(80kgs) weight.

As I draft this blog, I am in a delivery suite, not in labour yet, but I’ll save that story for another day. The EDD for our child was today 12/04/2019. The previous day I was at home with my mum & Aiden awaiting my midwife later on to conduct a membrane sweep to see if it could get labour going. If you are an avid follower on my Instagram, you definitely have seen me share my pregnancy journey, better yet the bits that I needed to share publicly lol.

Membrane sweep was done and I raised my concerns that the past few days the itchiness all over my body had increased. She immediately got on the phone to the maternity triage in to see if she could get me in for a check up. An hour later, I was having my bloods taken at the hospital. I had earlier been diagnosed with Obstetric Cholestasis, however it was monitored through out my 3rd trimester and no alarming blood results.

On my EDD, I decided to ring the hospital as I noticed I couldn’t take my wedding rings off as my fingers had swollen up Wich was weired as my entire pregnancy I was okay never had an issue taking them off or on. I just needed reassurance that I wasn’t developing pre eclampsia.

Spoke to a midwife and amidst her questions she checked my blood results taken the previous day and alas my results were alarmingly higher than usual. I was requested to go back into hospital ASAP. I called my husband who was at work and I told him to get home as I had a feeling I may be spending the night in the hospital. I was right, my bile acid levels and ALT levels were at their peek (read obstetric cholestasis) and the hospital chose not to send me home. This meant resort to plan B of my birth plan.

13/04/2019 the day we are supposed to be celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary God blessed us with a bouncing baby girl! It was a long journey we made it to the beautiful beginning! “Ruby” we named her, born at 1040a.m weighing 3.54kgs(7pounds 13lbs).

Thank you to my amazing family, friends & Instagram family that have walked with me, prayed with/for me, encouraged me and shared their stories with me. Don’t forget to listen to your bodies through out your pregnancy.

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