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My New Born Essentials

My New Born Essentials

As I gear up to welcome our new born, I thought It would be nice to share with you the essentials I have bought in preparation for my guest. I can vaguely remember what I needed for Aiden when I had him 6 years ago. So second time around I feel even more confused, however technology has advanced so much and you can get helpful information just by the tap of your fingers.

Wether you are preparing for a new born , or have just found out you are expectant. Here is my list of things that are very essential to get prior to the arrival of your baby. I am now on my 3rd trimester and with just a few weeks left. I hope you find this a helpful read and a guide towards preparation of your baby’s arrival leave a comment in the section below too!

Ear and Forehead Thermometer - I don’t think I need to stress how important this is! Babies don’t come with a manual and one of the key indicators that a baby is unwell is their body temperature. I chose this thermometer as I can use it both on our new-born and Aiden.

Baby Nasal Aspirator - If you are wondering why in the world you need this? Heres a clue, new born babies cannot blow their noses and they do get banged up with snort. Unless ready to have sleepless night, chance a chest infection or resort to suck out mucus from their tiny nostrils by mouth; thats how desperate we got with Aiden. This Item is a MUST have, I am not ready to do that with baby Wheeler, as I don’t think its safe!

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Healthcare Kit- Babies sometime are born with long nails, the nail cutter in this kit is very handy. Thermometer is very useful as you can pop it into baby changing bag and have it on the go. Nasal aspirator’s suction power is a fail it never worked on Aiden this kit could do without it. Hair Brush may be helpful when the baby is small with little or no hair.

Joie Spin 360 Car Seat - If you drive, this is a MUST BUY! However I must point out that I didn’t buy a car seat that is adaptable to the travel system (pram) . This particular car seat is meant to grow with your newborn from birth to 4 years. This particular care seat can be tilted, rotated is front and rear facing plus it grows with the new born. The 360 spin function comes in handy as it reduces strain on your back when getting baby in and out of the car. Wich is also a plus for mums who have back injuries or C section delivery!

However if you feel the need to own two car seats who am I to tell you how to spend your money? If rather confused why you would need two car seats, some travel systems come with a car seat option and most of them only last up to 9 or 12 months depending on the size, weight, height of you baby. Meaning you have to buy another car seat eventually, I consider this a waste of money!

Onco Baby Car Mirror - I like peace of mind when driving, This 360 mirror will do a perfect job for me as newborn car seats are rear facing. I hope I can tilt it and also get a glimpse of Aiden too lol. I never had this with Aiden as I didn’t own a car back then, I was always the passenger.

Water Thermometer/Bath toy - I got this mainly for safety purposes, and also because it doubles up as a toy!

Blackout Blind With Suction Cups - Isn’t a must buy, but if you live in a country where the sun rises at 4a.m and sets at 10p.m during summer, then you definitely know this will be handy. Our baby is due in a few weeks and I know this blind will come handy and I can use it at home and also when we travel. You can also get curtains that block out light.

Babymoov Swoon Up Bouncer - This Foldable, Ergonomic, Height Adjustable Bouncer with 360 Degree Rotation bouncer is an essential to me as I want to be able to use it in the kitchen and baby can seat with the family during meal times. In the lounge where I can lower it to the same level as my sofa and the most important thing, every pregnancy comes with a chance of C-Section delivery. Trust me height adjustable bouncers come in handy during this circumstances!

BabyMoov Cosydream - Buying this because it offers the following

  • Head support for a nice and round head

  • Memory foam for optimum comfort

  • Adjustable leg support roll according to baby's size

  • Ultra-soft, breathable fabric

  • I can use it on the cot, the Moses basket & prams carry cot

  • Can be used with a sloping mattress or on the floor

Video baby monitor - This doesn’t apply to everyone, however I need it considering Aiden needs his routine staying the same in the sense that I cannot stop him from tv time because baby is sleeping in the lounge. A baby monitor gives piece of mind that I can leave my new born in a separate room and keep an eye on both of them at the same time.

This list is endless. However these are the few items I felt worth mentioning. Sound off in the comments on what you think I may have left out! Thanks for your readership.

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