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Wedding woes from a bride to be

Wedding woes from a bride to be

Hello gorgeous people!

How you doing? I hope well & for my England readers the snow storm didn't turn you into an "eskimo" like it did me for 4 days!?

Wedding planning!

Its ever so exciting; when you get engaged and then spend the first 3 Months ogling at that rock! Eventually you will forget its even there and only remember when someone compliments you on it. That doesn't mean you don't care. Life has to go on, doesn't it?

Let me share  my experience on the above, other brides to be may see things different, however this is my opinion.

Planning ahead

I love to plan ahead! So I got engaged in 2016 November on my birthday.  After excitement died down then I started planning. Being a Style Guru has its perks, "You think you got this"  but when you have to buy two to three different bridesmaids dresses and they don't live up to your expectations it sucks balls! You will be surprised how some brands just add the name bridal to any clothing and the price shoots up insanely!

This doesn't mean things will happen quicker or without a hitch! Oh yes can you believe its taken more than six months to find the "Perfect Shoe" is there a shoe that is perfect? In actual sense, I bought 4 different pairs and either one was too uncomfortable, two didn't fit right  and by the fourth pair I couldn't care for perfect I just wanted a shoe thats comfortable and I can wear after the wedding. So yeah some things that you may think are no brainers actually end up to be the hardest and most frustrating of choices to make.


Details that won't matter

I know I will get major side eye for this, but everything comes down to personality and the most important thing to remember is to stay true to who you are. I am not a huge fan of flowers so my guests better not expect a ridiculous amount of display of them. Expectations can be a real disappointment and I like to keep it real! Which brings me to another point, I am definitely not having an over the top cake, I like simple and elegant stuff the hullaballoo around 10 tier cakes and what not, definitely not my cup of tea, Thank you Next!

Please bear in mind whats elegant and simple to me may be boring to you. #justsaying

The dress

Okay, most brides are all about an amazing bridal gown blah blah blah. Yes, I am all for jaw dropping wedding gowns but I am not spending £3000 on a dress. I mean how do I even justify that for a dress I shall wear once or maybe  twice if I manage to have a destination wedding after the first one? So I won't go crazy breaking my bank account in the name of stunting on the gram/pleasing guests. Half the people who will attend or see the pictures won't care for it after 24hours!

"Petty Issues "

The petty issues that come up closer to the date of the wedding between yourselves & family? Mad I tell you, proper mad! James and I have argued over a damn song, a song? Why though? Why would a song turn into an argument? Its makes me giggle in dismay when I even think of it and wonder if all this fuss is over one day and is it even worth it?

I shall share more on this after our wedding day, however if I had a choice, I would turn back the hands of time to last year and find out what strain of weed I was smoking (If I smoked) when I decided to have a wedding. Don't get me wrong , I love that we are fortunate enough to be able to get married and have our family and friends join us. But the closer to the day it gets the more James and I are considering cancelling and eloping and still have our bank accounts with money that would  have been spent on ONE DAY!

So yeah, I would like to go back in time and slap the shit out of myself and settle for a wedding with only two people present, the bride & the groom. And thats the only thing that will matter in the end, James & I.

However its too little too late, so ill just look forward to this day im sure we shall enjoy it to the fullest!

I hope my #babesonabudget squad enjoy this piece and have a laugh at the same time!

XOXO Juliet!

Our Wedding Day

Our Wedding Day