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Pregnancy Announcement!

Pregnancy Announcement!

It was a regular day. Woke up ran to the toilet as I normally would do at the time of the month & there it was! The final confirmation needed that I was pregnant! We are going to have a baby, Aiden is going to be a big brother the excitement cant definitely be explained on text!

I must be honest to date we are still excited but as a second time around mum, part of me is scared. I have done this before , it was a beautiful and tough journey but 6 years on I have a beautiful son whom brings loads of joy in our lives!

As much as I would love to I am not your regular blogger bae who spends time attending fancy events, taking trips, drinking cocktails by the beach. I am a mum blogger who does school runs, house chores and a 9-5 job daily.

Things I plan to do different this time? I have a list ma'am!

Mental health - To try my best and maintain calm & peace of mind throughout! I must admit in my first pregnancy this wasn't the case, I let a lot of things distract me from enjoying my pregnancy fully. If you are pregnant make sure you make this is a priority, surround yourself with people who love you.

Skin care - I am paying extra care into what I put into my skin both facial and on my bump. I had Aiden six years ago and can’t remember if I was the same back then. I know for sure I had a stretch mark cream  i.e Bio Oil however this being a second time pregnancy I cant take any chances as I am not sure my skin will withstand the stretch. Therefore I am using both Bio Oil and Mio Skin Care. I am lucky I haven’t had to change my skin care routine however I am very cautious on the ingredients some of our products contain that are harmful to my unborn child.

Vitamins - Also not 100% sure if I took Pregnacare through out my 1st pregnancy but this one I am taking the Preganacare Max daily.

Eat well & exercise - I was in Germany when pregnant with Aiden. New country, hardly any friends and wasn’t really bothered about my weight. I did struggle for a bit to get my pre pregnancy weight after delivery. This time around I shall indulge in frequent exercise to keep fit. I now know better and also try my best not to give into unhealthy cravings.

Face my fears - One of my biggest fears with my second pregnancy to be honest is  loss. Loss of a child, I have a few friends who have had difficulty getting pregnant & staying pregnant. There’s so many things any expectant mother worries about, genetic/physical disability, premature babies just to name a few. However I will keep reminding myself that the grace God is always sufficient.

Roll with the punches - Pregnancy has its difficulties to say the least. I shall deal with one at a time. All I pray & wish for is a healthy baby. (I will be revealing so far one of the toughest moments on my next pregnancy vlog)

Be more understanding - When I had Aiden I must admit I wasn’t the best of partners. I scrutinised every single thing his father did, which brought a lot of tension and stress between us, this time around I shall ensure to be understanding and patient in showing my husband James the ropes with a newborn. 

Self Love - This is self explanatory! I will do my level best to remind myself that I am beautiful, strong & amazing no matter how I look during & after pregnancy. One of the things I really struggled with after giving birth to Aiden was self confidence and loving my “new body”.  Sometimes you don’t realise how much your thought process reflects on how you feel until you reach a breaking point. 

If you are pregnant or are planning to be in future. I hope this encourages you in one way or another. I have been looking forward to sharing this news with my readers & I am happy finally did!

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